Web Design And Digital Marketing

Easy Web Design & Digital Marketing For your Small Business

Do it yourself or choose to work with a Web Design company that builds sites designed for Digital Marketing.

Web design and Digital Marketing has become a huge challenge for small and medium business owners. From the early nineties a business with only need a web/graphic designer,  who with create a page using amazing graphics then place the web address on all business stationery, letterheads, business cards, vehicle signage and advertise in your local newspaper reference the web address for more information. Its was really very simple A + B + C.

Unfortunately, today with complex Google and Face book algorithms a consumer market that now makes all buying decisions online. You very quickly realize that a webpage is no more about pretty pictures. A large enterprise can afford a web designer for graphics and visuals, a web developer for online forms, analytic and schema markup, with loads of cash to complete the puzzle, an advertising agency to implement multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

So, it’s not hard to understand why so many small business owners define online digital marketing as posting ads on Facebook, Gumtree or online classifieds. It’s defiantly better than doing absolutely nothing at all. But those efforts need to be harnessed to form a powerful cost-effective online marketing strategy. We often try to make better use of our time in the real world make every minute count. The same principals can be applied online.

By starting with a well-designed website that is designed from the ground up to help answers questions your potential clients may have. A simple example of being an Architect does it help to build your entire site around your team, your projects, your qualifications and that you design houses. When your target audience is online how are they interacting with search engines? They could be looking up something like small house designs, how to design a loft room, the best way to get natural light into your home their possibilities are endless but you get the idea. Give it a try yourself pretend you a  prospective customer for a service or product and try to find it online.

The expert in the product or service that needs to be marketed is the small business owner themself no one knows more. The question is in the digital age of advertising how you let your potential clients know the value you can add to their needs. You may be the best in your industry sector but when your target audience needs your offering, they turn to Google and soon they with no longer type best Hair salon, Bakery, Lawyer, Accounts or Restaurant in Durban. they can just ask any of the Voice Devices find me X or Find me Y.

Pretty looking websites with amazing videos that may or may not load, packed with animations which don’t seem to work on some mobile devices. You soon realize the  A + B + C of  Digital Marketing is needed and even this order has changed  A- Content creator B- Web developer and C may be a Graphic /web designer or you could try WIX or any of the other do it yourself platforms. Maybe you have been down this path maybe not. If not give it a try using a template to create an amazing free website open up a Google Ads account with free credit, link your personal Facebook account to the Facebook business manager and use one of the online easy tools to implement schema and analytics on your site. If all goes well you with feel like you climbed Mount Everest and if you do get a bit out of breath on your way to the top help is at hand you can reach out to me. I with be more than happy to assist you.

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